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Meet Rebekah


I am Rebekah, a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who loves working closely with busy women, just like you, who are experiencing overwhelm or maybe even burnout. You have been trying to cope with too much for too long and you have may symptoms of low mood and/or anxiety


I offer a range of Wildly Well programmes depending on the level of support you need.  Through following a personalised plan and health coaching sessions you can achieve more energy, better mood, a healthy weight and restorative sleep

No matter where you are in your health journey, I promise from day one of your programme I will support you in every way I can to lead a happier, healthier and energised life
Wildly Well Programmes

We all experience stressful times during our lives such as difficult relationships, demands at work, financial pressures etc. However, if these stressful events go on for too long both our bodies and minds are unable to cope. Feeling stressed may initially lead to a few sleepless nights, reaching for the chocolate, drinking a glass of wine, putting on a few pounds, avoiding the gym but these behaviours can become the norm and gradually start to affects your health.


As stress and pressure continues you may experience brain fog, poor memory and concentration, digestive issues, low energy, anxiety/depression and insomnia. Unfortunately, we keep going, trying to spin all the plates and our health is not the priority. Our body and mind can only cope with so much before it breaks down. If you feel unable to cope and confused about how to get back on track then my Wildly Well programmes are just for you. I want to support you to feel healthier, happier and energised.


You did not get to this point overnight so it will take more than 1 consultation to have you feeling great again. I run 12 week programmes which are tailored to your individual needs. By working together for at least 12 weeks you will experience not only improvements to your physical health and mood but you will have the knowledge and the skills around making healthy choices for life. I don't just want you to feel well I want you to feel Wildly Well!

“Fantastic service, professional and knowledgeable. I was a little nervous beforehand but I was put straight at ease and found my difficulties easy to talk about with Rebekah, I followed her advise and now no longer need medication! I would absolutely recommend ”

— Jenny, 34

“I came to see Becky after one year of struggling with sleep. After my first consultation she came back with a detailed and achievable protocol. Her recommendations included nutrition, supplements and also lifestyle changes. After two weeks of following them, I slept through my first night! Since then, I am really happy with my progress and so thankful for her help.”

— Marzena, 36