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My Story


I worked in the NHS for over 10 years as a Mental Health Nurse before following my passion for nutrition. I was overworked and stressed out in a job I used to love


Unfortunately, this stress led me to experience my own health problems. I developed digestive issues and experienced a long period of insomnia. Luckily I had always been interested in nutrition and other complementary therapies. I used this knowledge to heal my body and mind through diet as well as lifestyle changes such as exercise and relaxation.


My own experience of burnout reinforced the power of nutrition and I knew I wanted to support others by using this approach. I made the leap from full time Mental Health Practitioner to Nutritional Therapist and have never looked back.


I am still a registered Mental Health Nurse. I now use my extensive experience, knowledge and skills to combine Nutritional Therapy and Nurse Coaching to best support my client's health. Many of my clients have found they need extra support around psychological barriers which prevent them implementing positive changes. I offer a range of comprehensive programmes which not only provide a nutrition and lifestyle plan but also regular sessions to address any potential hurdles which may get in the way

We all have deep and often wild roots. When we look at the root cause of our issues we can gain insight and understanding of how to best heal our bodies. This awareness is the key to leading and living a healthy happy life.