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I grew up fascinated by psychology and how the mind worked as a close family member struggled with their mental health for many years. As a child I saw first hand the devastation anxiety and depression could have on someone's life.  I hoped for a magic cure to make my loved one happy and to be able to enjoy life again. 
After studying Psychology at university in my home town of Belfast I moved to Manchester and started to work within the field of mental health. I trained as a Mental Health Nurse and worked in variety of services with both adults and young people.  Whilst working as Mental Health Nurse was challenging at times, I loved my job and always felt I was a resilient enough to cope with the role. I worked in the NHS for over 14 years with the last 5 years been dedicated to working within a child and adolescent mental health service.
The stress of working long hours with a high caseload began to take it's toll on both my physical and mental health. I was tired all the time, constantly feeling overwhelmed and like I wasn't doing a good enough job. I had digestive issues, my mood was low  and I had trouble sleeping. Instead of slowing down I tried to do more in an attempt to keep on top of things but I was sinking. I was overworked and stressed out in a job I used to love


After several months of insomnia I broke down in front of my nurse manager and said I didn't feel it was safe for me to drive to work never making clinical decisions for the vulnerable children I was working with. My manager was amazing and very understanding. I took some time off work to get back on track with my health.


Luckily I had always been interested in nutrition and other complementary therapies. I used this knowledge to heal my body and mind through diet as well as lifestyle changes. I read many self help books, ate nourishing meals, meditated and journaled for hours at a time. Slowly I began to feel better, I started to feel alive again. It was during this time I realised I needed to find a new way to help people if I wanted to stay healthy myself.  I made the leap from full time Mental Health Nurse to running my own Integrative Mental Health clinic and have never looked back.


I am a registered Mental Health Nurse and Nutritional Therapist. I now integrate my experience of mental health, psychology and nutrition and lifestyle medicine to provide a unique holistic approach to improve women's mental health

Helping women get to the root causes of anxiety and depression is now my core mission. We all have deep and often wild roots. When we look at the root cause of our issues we can gain insight and understanding of how to best heal our bodies. This awareness is the key to leading and living a healthy happy and confident life.

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